Best Alzheimer's Products is the premiere internet destination for information to help people understand and provide care for those with Alzheimer's disease or another dementia. At our storeyou will find some of the best activities and alternative therapy products available anywhere.

We started Best Alzheimer's Products (now Inc.) in 2007 When we began to take care of our friend, Bernice, who began showing symptoms of dementia about ten years earlier, we found it difficult to find information and products to help us provide that care. So we began to put what we did painstakingly did learn onto a website to help others who found themselves in a similar circumstance. Later we added a store to share the things that worked for us while caring for Bernice. Our mission has always been to improve the quality of life for anyone affected by dementia.

The more you know about caring for your loved one, the better job you will do, and the better will be his or her quality of life, as well as your own. As you explore Best Alzheimer's Products you will find ideas and suggestions for activities and entertainment that reduce agitation, aid sleep, and often allow for a reduction in medication. Read about the latest clinical research to help you make informed decisions concerning the care of your loved one. Learn how simple aids for daily living can prolong independence; how diet and exercise could improve and extend cognitive functioning; how we might even prevent or at least forestall Alzheimer's disease. And learn more about the range of diseases and conditions that together comprise dementia.

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If you're new to providing dementia care, we have made a list of some of the best articles to get you started: the list is there on the right of this page. If you ever have questions or need help, call or contact us.

Alternative Therapy for Alzheimer's

Alternative therapies for Alzheimer's Disease

When we became caregivers for Bernice, it didn't take long to realize she was much happier and less agitated when she was busy. It took us a lot longer to figure out what sorts of activities she enjoyed and was able to do. Research confirmed that activity and alternative therapies were vital components to any caregiving plan. This website and our store are here to help make your caregiving experience more enjoyable and to enhance the life of the person or the people in your care. Read more about alternative therapies here.

Our Alzheimer's Store

Activities for a person with Alzheimer's We have spent hundreds and hundreds of hours finding age- and stage-appropriate activities and other products for Alzheimer's, so you don't have to. We have given many of these games and activities to our super-critic for analysis and feedback (that is her pictured above). Her name is Bernice. She is the inspiration for Best Alzheimer's Products, and you will get to know her as you dig deeper into the site. After reading about different the alternative therapies available, check out the games and activities (and much more!) on our Alzheimer's store!

Caregiver Resources

Alzheimers Caregivers Best Alzheimer's Products has much more than just products for Alzheimer's. A lot of people think we are doing a good job of getting information to caregivers, information that can really help them provide the best possible care to their loved ones. We appreciate the kudos, of course; providing relevant, tested, up to date information is what we started doing years ago, before we sold our first product. But we realize that we can't be everything to everyone. So we have created a list of resources; organizations, websites and blogs to support the dementia caregiver.

Visit our Blog

Games and Activities for a person with Alzheimer's

Formerly known as, our blog brings you the latest news and advice in the world of Alzheimer's research. More importantly, it is a forum for you, the caregiver, to share with others your experiences and to talk about caring tips and methods that work well for you. It is a place to learn from others what works for them.

All of us are smarter than one of us. Visit and share your story. You can make a difference!